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                               is a language school in the South Eastern provincial town of Chanthaburi; the school's first aims were to provide an additional and extensive opportunity for students to further their English ability locally. However, as the demand for English skills increased so did the need for teachers. This resulted in Sharp English becoming one of the primary outlets in the South East for foreign teachers wanting to teach in Thailand. For a number of years now we have been providing foreign English teachers to a number of Thai public schools helping to spread the opportunity for English language skills.


                               prides itself on being a small, personable and mobile company that can help you to start your Thailand adventure with ease. Our small team are here to cater for almost every single one of your needs and to aid you in adapting to the Thai way of life.


We look to offer teaching roles in a variety of local government schools, many are located in the local urban area but we also look to offer opportunities in neighbouring provinces and in rural areas. Our dedicated team are here to help you every step of the way.



Join us now

To become a member of our exclusive team and gain the experience of a lifetime, join us today to receive;

Free placement in a Thai state or private school

20 hours of culture &  working orientation course on the beautiful island of Koh Chang

Assistance in applying for a Non-B Visa & Work Permit

Free placement in your new Thai comfy house

Free rental moped search

All you require is;

Be between 22 - 60 years of age

Hold a UK, Australian, American, NZ, Canadian or SA passport

Possess at least a bachelor degree in any field

Be in excellent health and have a positive attitude

Expectation from teaching in Thailand

                               look to welcome our teachers into their new environment as soon as we possibly can, this is normally from the second you step off the plane. Before you land we look to have prepared the location of your school, where you will be living and how you will be getting there. Sharp English staff will look to make this transition as simple as it should be. Sharp English also offers a group orientation prior to the start of term so that you can meet the other teachers you'll be sharing this experience with, last year it was to the tropical island of Koh Chang!











The job is central to your happiness here, the more you embrace it the more you will receive from it. Don't be afraid to share stories and ideas with your students, you have so much they want to know. Your daily routine of managing the classroom and planning classes will be second nature in no time.


Working in Thailand is a truly unique experience, unlike the tourist trails you will have to operate in a foreign society meeting friendly local people every step of the way. You have the opportunity to see the real Thailand away from the hotels and beaches.


Local food is on every street corner waiting to be sampled, markets with daily fresh produce are commonly scattered everywhere. You can truly enjoy Thailand off the beaten track, you're not a traveller or tourist but you live here. Within weeks you will start picking up the language and as you gain more confidence the more at home you feel.

The life of a teacher in Thailand can be extremely relaxed and enjoyable if the job is managed well. Outside of work you have a wealth of activities to participate in and places to visit. Sharp English is located in Chanthaburi, the town alone is 30 minutes from beaches, there are beautiful temples on nearly every corner; the place is a goldmine for culture. A couple of hours east is the island of Koh chang, a tourist hotspot, likewise west, the island of Koh Samed. The options for enjoying your free time are endless. 


If you get tired of being isolated from western comforts then Pattaya and Bangkok are 2 and 4 hours away respectively. So when you aren't in the Monday to Friday routine you can truly enjoy the beauty that Thailand offers.

Teaching Requirements

Teaching in Thailand will provide you with lifelong memories, as you guide your students through their school years you really build a fantastic rapport with them. Starting your teaching job here couldn't be simpler; the requirement is that any teacher has a full Bachelor degree from any college or university. If that is the case then you are good to start teaching! It is extremely important that you bring your original degree documentation with you when departing for Thailand as it is needed for your Visa and Work permit.


Any experience of teaching or a TEFL related qualification isn't a must but can go a long way in terms of your own personal adaptation to your new job. Everybody has their own teaching style and it's up to you how you engage with your classes!